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My River

I live next to a river that continually runs, all day, all night, every minute of the year.

I spent a lot of my years growing up in a desert where the rivers are not, but dried up river beds, channeling water every so often, when there is a period of long heavy rains. Now however, this beautiful river here next to my house is a definite source of inspiration…an overwhelming fresh supply of creative energy. Its roar and white water, changing and shifting as it rapidly passes by. As I look upriver I see the future, its beginning, coming towards me. At the river's closest point in front of my balcony, I see the present, and as I look downstream, I see the past and its ultimate end. A magnificent story or melody line; but in this case I am able to experience it all in one moment, without having to sit through a period of time in order to judge and appreciate its beauty.

Like a painting; I see its beginning, its present, and its end in one moment of observation. My job as an artist is to orchestrate this river in a way that will not hinder its flow but let the

forms and lines of movement dictate where they should go resulting in a natural beauty. And even though this river outside my balcony freezes over in the winter, its flow is always just below the surface waiting to reveal its beauty as the warm air melts its emotionless surface away.

above is a study I did while creating 'Drama Magnifico'

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