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Painting in the Key of F#

In response to a question I was asked about the 1.4Hz tatoo on the arm of one of the figures in Drama Magnifico. The short explanation is: As I worked on the painting I noticed how the canvas resonated at certain brush tempos because of its large size and it would cause me to stop painting and wait for the canvas to stop vibrating, then I could start painting on it again but in a different rhythm which kept the surface of the canvas more stable. One week, as my brother David visited and we were having an in-depth discussion on the universality of ‘frequency’, I shared with him how my large painting “Drama Magnifico” actually functions as a very large audio speaker or drum but that its ‘note’ is very low. So, we performed experiments on it searching for its frequency. I repeated these tests months later to insure accuracy and concluded that my painting, while it hung in my studio with consistent humidity resonated at 1.4Hz or an F# (roughly 9 octaves lower than the low F# we can hear.) The current mystery about this all is that before I knew of the physical “note” of the painting, I had written most of the song for the painting in F#, the same frequency of the painting! That key just sounded right to me as I moved my capo up and down the fretboard. So I decided to reveal that note in the painting as a tattoo on the mans arm who was getting his ass kicked. Definitely autobiographical as that is how I have felt many years of my life and definitely how I felt a lot of the time as I worked on the painting. Quoting artist George Kiapos,“He seems to be a version of you struggling at one of the lowest vibratory levels; trying to escape to the higher resonance.” Would be a brilliant observation with far reaching relevance within the painting, within the song and within my life and most everyones life. Light/Truth being the higher frequencies we all are trying to escape to. A point of irony within the painting, Truth is found at the lowest part of the cycle of life, embraced by death, the journey ending and beginning there.

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