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Drama from Inside

This is my first post since I released the image of my painting 'Drama Magnifico' The image has been met with positive reaction, however, my intended narrative within the piece has not been understood clearly by some. I'm not sure how many people see it this way but a lot seem to understand it as having to deal with the afterlife. It's actually about this life. While I was working on the piece, I had resolved in my mind not to explain the narrative of this painting via the english language for the same reason a movie maker or a songwriter should not have to explain the story within their work to their audience. A narrative based painting, if it is successful in that area, should clearly communicate its story. Of course, this story always being a slave to the interpretations of the audience. Actually, through out the process of making 'Drama Magnifico', I understood that I should not try to compete with what other artistic mediums such as movies or novels are so good at communicating, which is a story. So, I resolved my vision to understanding what the unique qualities of beauty are that only a painting can communicate so well and other art forms can not, and focus on these. Aesthetics being to me the most important part of painting. So, because my initial vision of this painting was 'throngs of people striving together to rise up while at the same time falling back down to earth', I realized that this image alone could carry the work and so did it really need to have a story? While working on the composition though, I felt a supporting theme of the ‘The Cycle of Life’ would fit well both structurally and as a subtle narrative in the painting. so I incorporated that. Another major goal was not to make a "boring painting" since a lot of what happens in life would not capture our attention visually, resulting in wasted canvas space, but rather, to make it exciting.. this is Drama. Good arts version of life. Hoping this might stimulate the viewer to imagine their own individual stories.

So, why did I paint it? When I look back at my original motives, I painted it in the spirit of 'Magnum Opus'. To make my greatest work yet. And because I wanted to paint something that challenged me to no end. Something impossible. Something that would be so beautiful and engaging that I, and hopefully others, could not turn away from.
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