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Over Reaching?

I did this Michelangelo study (above) when I first began oil painting. (19 feet x 6 feet). A lot of hours on that one. I learned a lot.

I began my first large scale oil on canvas painting around this time also(shown below). I had two reasons for painting this double figure painting. The first one being, to tackle this large, life size format and any challenges or problems a painting like this might pose.

The second reason was to answer this consistent theme in my heart that reveals itself in my art from time to time. This being the pouring out or giving of yourself, or what you have, to others. I am not a fan of complete altruism but I am a fan of giving what you can according to your own freewill.

Also, I was really hip on the drapery/clothing thing at the time. Very aesthetically pleasing in a painting but… looking at it now it kinda pushes the whole “Greek/Roman” thing a little too much right?

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