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When I first started playing guitar I could barely tune it, and could hardly play a full song. As I developed, my playing improved as well as my tuning - though no matter how well I played I only sounded as good as my guitar was tuned.

When I first started painting I didn't quite know how to mix my colors etc., and I had no idea how to create that special beauty that seems to sing from all those great paintings in the world… I was completely clueless. So, I devoted my time to the experimentation and practice of oil painting. Now I see that in painting, this 'tuning' is an internal act. What I mean is instead of developing the ear to hear the sound oscillations of notes and overtones, I have developed my eye and heart, through constant study, to see and understand the harmonies of line and the focuses of light and color. My ‘playing’ is my brush in hand moving to and from the palette and canvas until my vision becomes a visual reality. Still, no matter how well I paint a canvas or play a guitar, it only turns out as good as how well I have tuned. So, I ‘Tune’.


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