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I did get some good painting done today, about 8 hours worth. Worked on the large-scale painting, the 2ndlayer of one of the figures. I have to keep the values on all the colors darker on this figure because it is located on the edge of the painting and these figures toward the outside have to be darker so that the light and attention will be more towards the center of the painting, helping the eye see what I have already decided are the more important figures. I’m sure I will be adjusting the values (lightness or darkness of colors) again once the final layers are being completed.

Worked also on a song for another painting I will be completing tomorrow. I feel inspired to write a song for most all the paintings I am doing now. The time and connection I feel with some pieces and the beauty that is produced now commands this dedication of music, which will then be presented in a video. It seems to be a very natural thing to do and I have never had so much reason to write my music than I do now. I feel like I am reaching areas of creativity with my painting and music that I only dreamed about 2 years ago. Thank God for this.

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