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The Sky

I suppose I will never stop painting the sky.. it has so much meaning to me. It is the easiest form of escapism when I look at the sky, always monumental and beautiful. Never changing, always changing.

I’m getting good work done on my very large scale painting.. break throughs every time I work on it. Hard to explain, not sure how much I should reveal about this.. could be just my own euphoria regarding the personal creation process and the progression of this painting. The song that will accompany this painting is basically written, it just has to be recorded.. I need more time.. I need more time.. I neeed more time….. but sleep is also good…. Finished up the painting, Rosibel, this morning.. hopefully this will be going to The Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art at Legacy Gallery this fall.

My answers to the previous questions.. I cry with the losers and celebrate with the winners. I have both lost and won in my life. I would rather win and celebrate…

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