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A Matter of Geometry?


A word about my current process.. It seems I’m attracted to two types of paintings: The extremely simple, or the outrageously complicated and geometrically beautiful.

Okay enough of that… Here are some questions. Are diamonds valuable because of their physical attributes and their scarcity or because people say they are valuable? Should we celebrate with the winners or cry with the losers? What exactly makes something beautiful? Is it a matter of geometry or is it how this object of beauty is aligned with other good and positive aspects of nature… health, love, and protection?

This is why I paint. Paintings are answers, and as my friend George Gallo says, “Paintings command a certain respect and authority." So that no matter what you paint, it seems to be an authoritative answer to something.

Why ask questions? I put forth, as done by many others, that questions are asked not so we can wallow in the dark but so that we might discover the truth. As an artist, I ask the question in order that I might find out how to reach this vision I have in my head. In other words, the goal is there but “How do I reach it?"

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