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First Post!

The act of using my paintbrush, to express my larger artistic thoughts has been developed more than translating these thoughts into the written word, of course. Hopefully, as I continue, these words also will be applied with the efficiency of using a brush. The most important thing in these communications is the original thought and the honesty, openness and simplicity of it, then the clear communication of it. Please excuse my literary inaptness. I will try to be just honest, transparent and brief.

This is risky business sharing your heart with the world. I will speak and subject my soul to the receiver and their interpretation. This is art. I have the luxury and honor of studying beauty and what makes something beautiful and then reflecting or creating this for others to see. I am finally at home with my occupation, I have been an artist my whole life and only recently creating art (and making some good money at it) sometimes.

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